помогите плиззззззз

1,when did Sarah go out?-...minuts ago

a- alittle b-a few c -few d-little

4-it is such...good advice

a-a b-an c- -- d the

5/crofts ..of stone

a- is made b-are make c-are made d- are making

6.my hair .. beautiful ... dark and long .

a-is\they are b-are\they are c-are\it is d- is\it is

7.his uncle .. travel a lot last year

a-did use to b- used to c- use to d-was used to

8.if you .. the story of our country,it .. help you in future.

a-knows \ will helpb - -know\ will help c- know\help d-knew\ will help


Ответы и объяснения


1) b - a few
4) c - __ (advice - неисчисляемое существительное)
5) c-are made
6) d- is\it is
7) b- used to
8) b - know\ will help