нужнo поставит предложения на Present Simple или Present Continuous

1)I'm meeting David in town tomorrow night.(I/meet/David)

2) ________________ at six in the morning.(Our plane/take off)

3)What time ____________? (thelast train / leave)

4)_________ to Jessica's this evening,she's ill.(We/not go)

5)What time________tonight?(the film/ start)

6)When__________ to the cinema? (we/go)

7)___________until3.30 (The exam/ not finish)


Ответы и объяснения


2) Our plane takes off at six in the morning.

3)What time does the last train  leave?

4)We are not going to Jessica's this evening,she's ill.

5)What time does the film start tonight?

6)When are we going to the cinema?

7)The exam doesn't  finish until3.30