составить маленькие диалоги на тему:о погоде,в магазине,в аэропорту!пожалуйста помогите завтро экзамен!


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-Hello! Where are you going?

-I go to supermarket to buy vegetables and fruits! And where are you going

-I go to supermarket with my mother! We go buy food. Because today my grandmothers birthday!

-Happy birthday her! Ok. I must go. See you later!

- Bye bye






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О погоде:

-Hi, Andrew!
-Hi, Alina!
-Are you having a good time in Germany?
-Oh yes, I am: the weather is great! So sunny and warm!
-Really? And it's chilly in Moscow!
-Aw-w! That's bad! Is it autumn now in Moscow?
-No: spring yet.
-That's unbelievable!
-It is! That's why we are going to Berlin tomorrow!
-Oh! That's great! Are you packing your bags now?
-We are!
-Well... I won't interrupt you then! Bye!
-See you later!

В магазине:

-Hello! How can I help you?
-Oh, you see, I am looking for a present for my friend Albert who lives in Germany.
-Great! I can offer you this cool car!
-Um... You see, Albert doesn't like cars.
-Hm... What about a robot then?
-He is not interested in robots.
-Bad. I wonder how old he is!
-Interesting... What about a book "Kanzler Kaiser"? It's just for his age!
-It is? Oh! Thanks a lot! How much does it cost?
-Fifty roubles, please.
-Here you are!
-Thank you! Come again in any time!
-Thank you! Good-bye!

В аэропорту:

-Oh my God!!! I am so excited!!! I will go to my friend to Germany!!!
-For God's sake, stop shouting like this!
-I understand everything, but isn't it great?! I am going to Albert!!!
-I know: it's great. And when does the plane arrive?
-In one minute!
-Well... Then I advise you to hurry up! Bye!
-See you next month!