Помогите с домашкой оч надо даю 20 пунктов и ответьте на вопросы первому ставлю,, самое лучшее и спасибо,, зарание спасяб))) во вложениях


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1) Tracey wear trendy clothes

2)It is very important to know what is in fashion at the present moment.

3)я не поняла как переводится вопрос.

4)She wish she had lots of money to do that (последнее предложение)

5)He prefercasual things.

6)He does not lice tattoos, piercing.

7)Looking clean and decent are more important for Katya.

8)She prefer clothes which she feel comfortable in.

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1.Tracey like trendy clothes

2.She likes too look  cool  and attractive.

3.Wen you are up with the latest fashions you feel you are an individual.

4.Tracey wish to have a lot of money to buy clothes.

5.Phil prefere casual things - jeans,Tshirts sweaters or sportsweaters.

6.Broters mates have spike hair,tatoos and piercing.

7.Katya rather buy some DVDs or a good book.

8.Katya prefers clothes in which you feel you cmfortable.