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Поставте глаголы, стоящие в скобках, в зависимости, от смысла, в Present Indefinite или Present Continuous:

1)What you (to do) here?- I (to wait) for a friend.2) He ( to speak) French?- Yes, he (to speak French quite fluently.3) Listenl Someone (to knock) at the door. 4)Don't go into the classroom. The students ( to write) a dictation there. 5) She( to write) letters to her mother every week.6) Ships ( to travel) from Odessa to Batuml in three and a half days. 7) The man who ( to smoke) a cigarette is our English teacher.8)Let's go for a walk, it now ( to rain). 9) You ( to hear) anything?- I ( to listen) hard, but I not ( to hear) anything. 10) My brother ( to smoke) a great deal. 11)Listen the telephone( to ring) 12) Where is Peter?- He ( to have) his English lesson. I think that he always( to have) is at this hour.


Ответы и объяснения


1. are you doing, i'm waiting 2. does he speak, speaks 3, is knocking 4. are writing 5. writes 6. travel 7. is smoking 8. isn't raining  now 9. do you hear, i'm listening, don't hear 10. smokes 11.is ringing. 12. is having, has