Read the answers.Make questions for them. 1.Sebastian and Kellie were close friends. (Who....... ? )

2/Kellie aften carried Sebastians bag ti school. (What.... ?)

3.They went to school together every day. (Where..... ?)

4.The robber pushed Mrs Clifford and took the bag. (What...?)

5.Only Sebastian and Kellie saw the robber. (Who...?)


Ответы и объяснения


1. who were close friends?

2. what did kellie carry to school?

3. where did they go every day?

4. what did the robber do?

5. who saw the robber?

1.Who were close friends?
2. What Kellie aften carried to school?
3.where did they go together every day?
4.what did mrs Clifford take?
5.who did see the robber?