What do you think are the most important reasons for choosing a language to study? (Что вы считаете наиболее важными причинами для выбора языка для изучения?)

написать 10-12 предложений .


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"Language is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere." Nowadays many of us try to learn different languages. Surely, there are many reasons to for choosing a language.

The first reason can be connected with our career. We choose a language which is spoken in that country where we are going to learn or to work.

The second reason is to elevate our minds. It is known that a language is a perfect source of learning about a certain nationality. Thus we will be able to lean more about the culture and the traditions  of a concrete nationality.

The third reason is that each new learnt language opens us gates towards other countries. We are able to visit many countries and to make new friend communicating with them, if we can speak one or two foreign languages.

So, there are many useful things which we can do if we leant a language.