Пожалуйста))помогите написать сочинение на английском языке "Кто отвечает за твое здоровье?"


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Since time immemorial, people dream about the possibility of preserving youth. What is a man that runs a youth? Grow old and die? No, life extension is currently the minds of scientists and duration of human life in modern conditions is the most important concern of the society. However, the problem is not to merely extend the term given the nature of man - years of his life in a calendar year. Preserve and extend the full creativity, ability to work and the enjoyment of all good things in life - that's the problem! And this is the true happiness of longevity. But how to achieve anti-aging, extension of youth?
History shows repeated attempts to create an elixir of eternal youth, but they have not been successful. Even the ancient Greeks, claiming a real understanding of the problems of longevity and immortality to this fact allegorically one of the myths that have become cultural heritage of civilized humanity ...
Forever young gods personified the ideal of longevity. "Mlada with fingers purple Eos ... great Eos "- expressed his admiration for the goddess of the dawn Greek poet Homer (VI century BC. e.). Came to us and the myth of the beloved Eos - Teton, brother of Priam, king of Troy destroyed. The goddess of the dawn begs the lord of the gods Zeus to grant immortality of her favorite - a mortal man. Lord have mercy and became Teton midday god for good luck goddess Eos. But ... on the mountain! Forever young goddess of the dawn, not knowing the inevitability of aging, wrinkles and gray hairs, made the mistake of not having asked for Zeus also eternal youth Teton. Tried in vain to Eos ambrosia and nectar to rejuvenate favorite: Teton continued to age. God became the god of the midday sunset (extinct light), and then overnight raspy cricket.
Let's try to clarify the position. The question is, is reversible if the process of human aging? If so, does this mean that in old age, you can still walk straight, run fast without sciatica, chew food with their own teeth? Can I do without atherosclerosis, a disease that develops when every aging man? In other words, can a man in his old age to be younger in fact, reducing your biological age is at least half lived, calendar?
That raises a number of specific questions: when old age begins and ends when a youth, what are the signs of old age, how to determine the biological age of a person? It is appropriate to pose the question that if it is known at what point begins the retirement age, why can not there be differences in different people? And then, maybe, it would be fairer to retire, depending on the biological age, not by calendar (passport) terms? Will it, in turn, the ability to continue to man their professional work? Laws of these yet, but does that mean that they never will be? And yet, who will take to determine the biological age of a person? And there is a real need for this?