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I always wanted to work.I had dreams of earning my own money and I had ambitions.So after my GCSEs i left school.I didnot think about a higher education.All I wanted was to go out into the world feel independent and start working. One of the valuable lessons I learned at school was how to write a CV.i dug up some examples from my old text books and compiled my CV. I must have given out about 20 copies to local supermarkets caffee shops offices restaurants bars building companies garden centres and clothing shops. After two weeks of waiting I got a positive reply and so my first job was filling documents as an office junior.i had to sort all of their files and keep them in alphabetical order.Ok so I learnt the alphabet and lost of new names but after two weeks I was starting to get headaches.And I was not getting any job satisfaction. Then my dad offered me a job to help him out at his bakery.He was getting very busy and needed some extra help.When I started out I was the night baker.I had to get there by 4 a.m.I learnt quickly about the different types of bread and cakes.I got used community meeting new people making friends and feeling useful.Now that job satisfaction! I am now the manager of our shop so my dad is able to rest a bit .I feel proud to be continuing in the family business.Just think that this bakery was started by my great- grandfather and its been selling bread in our town for over 100years! As you an see it took me a while to find and understand what I really wanted for a career.For some people choosing a career is the easiest choice they ever make. My sister knew that she wanted to be a dancer at the age of six.


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1You are want work always?
After what are you go to school?
;How much weeks of waiting are you got positive reply?
Where did you help your father?
Hwo are you now?
How much years ago your grandfather was started the bakery?
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1. did you think about a higher education?

2. did you want start working?

3. what kind of lesson did you learn at school?

4. how many copies of CV have you given to different places of work?

6. when did you get a positive reply?

7. what was your first job?

8. did you get any job satisfaction?

9. where  did you work after that?

10.  did you understand what you really want for a career?