Найти лишнее слово в каждом предложении

1 She let me to use her computer. 2 The Persian rug was too expensive for us to buy it. 3 Taking regular exercise it is beneficial to your health. 4 in addition to be losing her purse, Joan also lost her passport. 5 We saw the Queen to welcome the British Olympic winners. 6 It was enough too late to find accommodation elsewhere. 7 We would sooner to renew our contract than move somewhere else. 8 The archaeologist is believed to have being found the tomb of the ancient King. 9 He might to be given a more responsible position in future. 10 To making promises you do not intend to keep is dishonest. 11 Those curtains want being dry-cleaning. 12 She prefers working out than to sitting at home doing nothing. 13 I would like entertaining people at home at the weekends. 14 We enjoy going for fishing from time to time. 15 It's no use you spending money on impractical household items. 16 She'll never forget to meeting Bruce Springsteen. 17 He was afraid of to tell his parents that he had damaged the car. 18 Shirley won't accept their offer if it means that working at the weekend.


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1) to 

2) it
3) it
4) be
5) to

6) enough

7) to

8) being

9) to

10) is

11) being
12) than
13) would

14) for

15) you
16) to
17) of
18) that