Сделайте пожалуйста! Я с английским языком не очень( только без переводчика пожалуйста! На 2-ой фотографии нужно перевести на англ.яз.


Ответы и объяснения


3) Needn`t to leave a tip. Everything is included in the bill

4) Best part of the Earth covered with water

5) This way(road) is not often used


 6) The concert was put off

7) A new road is being built not far away

8) My car dissapeared. It was stolen

9) How many children is borned every way?

10)Look! Gate is being closed!

11) There are not more trees in the park, They were cut

12)We are sitting at the table.

13)What`s the metter with Klare? 


She was turned out for stealing



Old hotel was substitute for a new one

15) This library is attended with readers during 

a several years.