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1.We write with pen.
2.we write on the papers.
3.pupils carry books, workbooks, pen, pencil in their bags.
4.we sleep in the bedrooms.
5. We eat in the kitchen at the table.
6. We cook in the kitchen.
7. We keep books on the bookshelf.

1группа: winter, white snow, cold, the coldest season, days shorter than nights
2: summer is the most pleasant season;
The sun shines in the sky,
There are a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit and flowers. The weather is hot.
3: autumn is not so cold,; the weather is not so warn; rain, gardens are yellow and red.


1.We write with pen.

2.We write in the copybooks.

3.pupils carry books in their bags.

4.we sleep in the beds.

5.we eat in the dinning-room or in the kitchen.

6.we cook in the kitchen.

7.we keep books in the bookcases.