complete the sentences using any suitable words. 2.The ... , she gives, always helps. Follw them and you'll be at right . 3. My ... always wins. We are so much better than other teams in our school. 4. Good ... gives everybody a chance to get a good job. 5.The ... of this shop come to work by boat. It's on a little island. 6. The ... was appointed by the president. 7.She doesn't pay much for her ..., she buys it in flee markets. Last year she bought a lovely table and just yesterday she got a bed for 5 pounds. 9.Your ... depends on the way you eat and exercise. 10.Her ... was small and expensive , but it was right in the city centre.


Ответы и объяснения


2.the advice-советы team -моя командаобразование 

6.the law.-законздоровье



прости 5,7,8 не поняла смысл предложений)