соченение на тему АСТАНА по англискому ПОМАГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУСТА!


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Astana the capital of Kazakhstan.This is a very beautiful cityNot once was the Astana "Astana". Until 1998, the town had a different name. For example, from 1830 to 1961, was called as Astana Akmola, from 1961 to 1992 - Tzelinograd, from 1992 to 1998 - Akmola, and only in 1998, when the capital was moved here, she was given a final date for the title - Astana, which translated Kazakh actually means "capital" or "principal city". The word "Akmola," which was the name of the city, in the Kazakh language means "White Tomb" or "White Shrine". Prior to 1998, the city was due to the fact that in twenty kilometers away is the natural boundary of the same name, is known for being there, on top of a white limestone hill is the tomb of a local beating.