СРОЧНО!!!! Ответить на вопрос чтобы ответ был на пол страницу листа) What other symbols of Russia do you know?


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I know many of the symbols of Russia, it is a birch, flag, anthem, coat of arms.
Birch - a favorite tree of the Russian people. About her people composed the songs, proverbs and sayings. Poets sang of birch in his poetry, artists depicted on his canvases. For the Russian people no tree dearer than birch. In ancient times in Russia birch considered "his totem ancestor and protector." Russian birch symbol of Russia. Once upon a birch tree called "the tree of the four cases": the Letter of Russian people mastered on birch bark, birch illuminated by a splinter. "The Scream" in the villages of Bogie squeak calms birch tar, and decoctions of birch buds were given to infants' cry of ". Tree stands, the color green, in this tree three grounds: first - the health of the sick, the second - the light from the darkness, and the third well of the people. Converted this puzzle is closely related to the peasant life. Steamed birch twigs - the sick to health, housing cover splinter - the light from the darkness, to quench the thirst of birch sap - people well.