Нужно СРОЧНО, ДО ЗАВТРА сделать рассказ (можно из интернета) про марку магазинов на английском языке, 10-15 предложений. Желательно известную.


Ответы и объяснения


Adidas AG - German industrial group, specializing in manufacturing of sports footwear, clothing and equipment. General Director of the company Herbert Heiner. At the moment the company is responsible for the distribution of the products of companies Adidas, Reebok, Rockport, Y-3, RBK & CCM Hockey, as well as Taylor-Made Golf. Adidas currently a very popular network of shops. Shops Adidas is so and in Russia, as in America , as well as in other parts of the world. The direction of the company adidas Sport Heritage (better known as the Originals was founded in its present form only in 2001, however, prior to this the company existed in the form of all conditions and peculiarities of the given direction. Originals - it is the direction, which soaked up all of the most fashionable and stylish trends from the world of sports clothing, which exist at the time of collection.  As a rule, in the Originals there are no or very few are sporting the development of the company Adidas, since the direction is designed for everyday wear, and not for sports and fitness. Adidas Performance - this is the direction of the company, having gathered in modern technologies to facilitate the training of athletes, and characterized by such integral indicators, such as modernity equipment for sports, innovation, breakthrough technologies, «smart products».The group has 8 enterprises in Germany and more than 25 subsidiaries in other countries, including France, UK, USA, Canada, South Africa.