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Name-Lara Fabian
From-Etterbeek, Belgium
Born in Etterbeek, Belgium
Family Musical influences-Lara Fabian was released January 9, 1970 in Etterbeek (Etterbeek), a suburb of Brussels. Her mother Louise - from Sicily, his father Pierre - Belgian. The first five years of Lara lived in Sicily, and only in 1975, her parents settled in Belgium. Lara was 5 years old when his father noticed her vocal skills. At 8 years old my parents bought her first piano, on which she composed her first song. At the same time, she studied singing and ear training at the Conservatory.

Lara began her career at the age of 14 years. Her father was a guitarist and played with her in music clubs. In parallel, Lara continued musical studies at the Conservatory. She participated in the competitions. For example competition "Springboard» («Tremplin de la chanson») in 1986, which she won. The grand prize was a recording of the plate. In 1987, Lara has recorded its first 45-ku «L'Aziza est en pleurs»
1st album in -30 November 1999 the singer released his first English-language album.
Prizes-The grand prize was a recording of the plate
Style-This flavor spread directly affected the creative palette of Lara Fabian, in songs that are on par with pop-style elements are widely attended classical, rock, country and soul.
Example song-Je t'aime