Windsor lies twenty-one miles from London. If yoU go there by train, it will take you an hour. Windsor is famous for its ancient castle and beautiful countryside. For 800 years Windsor Castle was the residence of the British Royal Family. The Castle was started by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The sUrrounding countryside has changed little since the time when Chaucer stood there looking at the country beneath. The most important featUre of the Castle is the Round Tower which can be seen from far away.

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 1) How far is Winsdor from London?
 2) How long does it take you to get to Windsor by train?
 3) What is  Windsor famous for? 
For 800 years Windsor Castle was the residence of the British Royal       Family, wasn't it?
 5). When was the castle started?
 6). Is the Round Tower high enough to be seen from far away?
 7)  Has the countryside changed greatly 
since the time when     Chaucer stood there looking at the country beneath?
 8) Who started the Windsor Castle?
 9). Is the Castle located in 
beautiful countryside?
10) What is the most important feature of the castle?