Помогите написать сочинение по английскому языку на тему : Баскетбол.


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Basketball is my life

I saw my future basketball trainer when I was 9. He came to invite girls to a basketball team. He was a man of middle height with very kind eyes. He said that he would be glad to see all comers. My friend and I decided to try…

Soon I understood that basketball is my way of life. My trainer did everything so that we had more practice with our rivals. We often went to another town of our region to play basketball. The results were sometimes the best and sometimes the worst. They say, to learn by experience is experience itself. We didn’t give up.

Time went on, we grew up, our behavior and views changed but our love to basketball did not change. Our trainer taught us to make up our minds when the event was hard or not, to believe in ourselves. That was printed on my mind forever.

When we were 13 we had a chance to take part in the Regional basketball competition. We were happy because we won!!! We understood that each jump, each feint, each combination, each ball led us to that victory!

Nowadays I can’t imagine my life without basketball. It is life the second wind for me. Basketball inspires me to further development and victories. When I’m exhausted I always remember that I am a member of the team. My team trusts me and waits that I will fight till the last whistle.

My credo can be presented by the word of the famous basketball player Kevin Garnett: “We have to do the impossible, but it is possible. Basketball is my life”


My favorite sport is basketball. I enjoy other sports, but it is basketball all day long for me. I play and I of course, catch a game when I can. Basketball develops best athletic and psychological skills, reaction, speed, coordination, ability to play in a team. Basketball is not obly my favorite sport. it's my favouritw game and hobby. I would like to play it more often; however most of my friends are always busy. …

I never had the chance to play on a high school team, but I could play back then. I only play it from time to time because I am very busy, too. The last time I played was against my friends. Basketball helped me make a lot of friends throughout life. I remember days when I would play it at school. We had a lot of fun playing this great game. I saw great ball-handling skills displayed in pick-up games.

Basketball is a sport that really is great to watch and play if possible. I cannot wait for the college basketball season. Yes, basketball has my heart... I truly love the game, and I welcome anyone to play it!