Как вы понимаете эту фразу надо написать на английском языке на страницу`To his dog,every man is NApoleon;that`s why dogs are so popular.`


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Our younger brothers have long been a very popular topic of conversation. During his friendship with a man last a lot of thoughts and sayings left, probably thousands and thousands of interesting quotes and aphorisms. In this post are a few quotes that are interesting enough - of course, to bring all the interesting aphorisms and quotations do not have time for.

Animals - very dear friends: do not ask questions and do not criticize. - George Eliot

The question is not, whether the animals are endowed with reason, if they can speak, but rather whether they can suffer. - Bentham

Having become the property of a person, animal indulges his vanity. - L. Vauvenargues

Animals are nothing else than the prototypes of our virtues and vices, wandering before our eyes the signs of our souls. - Victor Hugo

In animals, there is the noble characteristic that the lion never gets out of cowardice slave to another lion and a horse - a slave to another horse. - M. de Montaigne