Ответы и объяснения


1. I wish Kate was ambitious enough to apply for this job. I'd so happy.
2. I wish I hadn't chosen such a specialised area of study. I'd have more time for my hobby.
3. I wish I could go into publishing. It'd be a force start in my career.
4. I wish I had studied Maths and Physics instead of History. It'd help me to get a good results on exams.
5. I wish this company employed me. I really need a job.
6. I wish he could speak  English. It'd be an interesting dialog.
7. I wish you found my keys. Then I could come home. 

Также, есть несколько правил с wishes)
 Когда мы говорим о желаниях в настоящем мы используем: I wish+subject+Past Simple
I wish I had a good day.
Когда мы говорим о том, что нас раздражет и мы желаем это исправить: I wish+subject+would+infinitive.
I wish he would throw away all rubbish from the kitchen.
Когда мы сожалеем о сделанном или не сделанном мы используем: I wish(If only)+subject+ Past Perfect
If only I had done all homework.