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My family is not very big, but friendly. I'm an only child. I get along with my mom and dad. I'm allowed to do much of anything. I can go to bed whenever I want. I can keep the animals at home. But especially I love my mom because she takes care of me. We can chat about everything. I love my family!


Моя семья  не очень большая,но дружная. Я единственный ребёнок в семье. Я лажу с мамой и папой. Мне разрешается делать много всего. Я могу пойти спать когда захочу. Мне можно держать животных дома. Но особенно я люблю свою маму потому что она заботится обо мне. Мы можем болтать обо всём. Я люблю свою семью!


My family - a father, mother. Mom and dad work hard, so I really appreciate the times when we go together. They try to make time to talk with me. Then we go to the woods or park and summer - to a river or reservoir. The most I like when we go for a few days fishing. I and IPB dad and mom prepares wonderful soup. But we clean the fish for a true angler must cook the fish itself: it is only very tasty. I also enjoy helping my dad repair technique. I think he can do everything by hand. And gladly help him learn to what can dad. My mother is very happy with my brother when we can not fix something with his hands. Then her eyes are kind of joy, and it is probably us proud. Sometimes my brother struggling, who better to do a thing. Often these competitions end tusanynoyu, because all of us want to win. But I am very glad that I have a brother. He is older than me, and when I have something does not work, my brother helps. Actually, no it would be boring. And my grandmother lived with us. That she bakes us a delicious pies, it's her tireless hand sew our buttons, mend clothes. I have a small family, and all members of the family I love.