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A. 1. All ran out of the burning building. 2. Poor kitty runned. 3. Our time is running out. 4. We ran out of apples. 5. Grandma opened the door and the puppy ran into the hallway. 6. Let's take a look at your family today (take a look to see). 7. The watch factory was over. 8. This guy is always talking about me with disdain.

B. 1. Emily says it will be upset if no one will come to her party. 2. I'm not sure he could handle the job, but if he can handle it, it will be very helpful to us. 3. When Gary will return books to the library, which he took to read? 4. I'm afraid I do not know whether he will go to listen to opera. 5. If the girl pushes the door that opens. 6. Natasha was not sure if she could eat a full bowl of soup. 7. If there is not snowing tomorrow we will go out of town to ski.

C. 1. - I only need five minutes to read through the exciting adventure novel. He made a great impression on me. - Do not rush. Let me know when you're done. 2. I want to handle this transfer itself, although it contains a lot of unfamiliar words. 3. I love it when my favorite tiny kitten sitting on my lap. 4. We bought a computer. Since then, little brother plays on it, instead of having to read books and watch TV. 5. "Carefully keep an eye on these boys - said the librarian. - I'm afraid that they might spoil the book." 6. She was sitting in a comfortable chair in a comfortable room and was completely absorbed in the historical novel, which she read. 7. He fluently and correctly says in English, but it does not contain idioms. 8. Let me introduce myself, my name is Laura Brown. I am a librarian and I work at a public library in the north of England. We have a rare edition of famous novels. They usually make a great impression on the readers.


В)Emily says that will be upset, if anyone who does not come to her to the party. I'm not sure that he will cope with this work, but, if he gets to it, it would really help us. When he returns to the library of the book, which he took to read. I'm afraid I don't know whether he will go listen to Opera. If a girl push open the door, the open. Natasha was not sure whether she could eat a full plate of soup. If not will it be snowing tomorrow we'll go skiing.