помогите пожалуйста вот задание Put the verds in bracket into the correct form. 1. Mary usually(to play) the piano in the afternoon. 2. Look! The monkey (to climb) the tree. 3. i (to read) a book now. 4. They ( not to have) breakfast at the moment. 5. We (to go) to the cinema once a week. 6.They often( to watch) TV? 7.Mother(to cook) dinner now? 8.The children ( not to dance) at the moment. 9. She (not to go) shopping every day. 10.Your sister( to clean) her room twice a week?


Ответы и объяснения

2.is climbing
3.an reading
4.don't have
5. Go
7.is mother cooking
8.are not dancing
9.doesn't go
10.does your sister clean

1. plays

2. is climbing

3. am reading

4. aren't having

5. go

6. Do they often watch TV?

7. Is mother cooking...?

8. aren't dancing

9. doesn't go

10. Does your sister clean ...?