Помогите, пожалуйста, коротко описать хомяка на английском языке, используя it is. it can


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Hamsters - rodents of the small sizes. Body length from 5 cm at dwarfish hamsters the Tail is in most cases shorter than a body (frequent more shortly than its half), is usually poorly covered with hair. Sometimes hair cover a tail quite densely and form on its end a brush (at some sandworts). General shape usually mysheobrazny. Back extremities are longer than lobbies, but their difference in length is insignificant. Only at some types back extremities are strongly increased in length and on appearance these small animals remind jerboas. Extremities five-fingered. Fingers with strong claws. Water forms on back extremities between fingers have swimming membranes. Underground forms have the appearance typical for землероев: valkovaty body with truncated and almost indiscernible outside cervical interception. Indumentum at the majority of types dense and soft. Coloring, as a rule, monophonic, on the back party of a body from light-to dark-brown. The belly is usually lighter than a back. Sometimes along the middle of a back there passes a longitudinal dark strip. On a back or in forward Part of a trunk there can be dark and light stains.