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Ответы и объяснения


Not many life and problems of present youth worries. And after all if to reflect than there lives our youth, than is fond of what dreams, than values and that for itself determines by the main thing in life, not always we see something good!
Influence of addictions, bad influence of various night institutions, temptation before all forbidden: deprives our youth of reason! The television and the Internet in certain cases has harmful impact on young people. Social networks strongly tighten youth that they start living not in real, and the virtual world. And can youth it is simple be engaged in anything more? No, in everyone, even the child or the teenager can find in the most provincial small town to himself occupation to liking. To practise music, sports, dances, drawing everyone can, the main thing to have desire. As there are pioneer and labor camp, various volunteer organizations, generally mass of occupations for youth. Laziness, here that moves present youth, of course, easier to go on the smallest resistance, but is very boring and uninteresting.
 The purpose to study well, get a good education, to find prestigious work, put for itself not all. Some look for the easiest and available way to get an education, for them on the first place not study and career, and the noisy companies, free and loose life. And very few people from them at least once reflected what will be farther what waits for them the future? This youth will have no bright future, will carry only that from them who in time will think again. Young people seek to be beaten out from under control of parents, it is rather to become independent, but their independence doesn't lead to anything good. For example, making the decision to finish nine classes and then to go to technical school or school, to receive a profession which doesn't give any prospects, the youth doesn't think of the future. It seems to it that it is excellent, to do nothing, strongly there are a lot of efforts and time for study it isn't necessary to spend, but it is a lot of time for rest and idling. Sooner or later any entertainments become uninteresting and than then to be engaged? Without the higher education it is difficultly to find work, good experts everywhere are necessary, leaves bright future won't be. And country? Not only that the young man won't get a due education also in a camp over time there can be a deficiency of experts. Therefore, the future of the country will be under the threat.
 As they say "all is learned in comparison" Youth of 21 eyelids has other values, other manner of behavior and communication, puts for itself other priorities, than youth of last years. As the concept about moral became outdated, outlooks on life therefore culture and education level at youth of our time is lower changed. The youth of 21 eyelids seldom visits theaters, conservatories, the ballet and the opera isn't interesting to it almost, the youth is fond of poetry because times change less often and art in such manifestations becomes among young people not actual.

Further destiny of youth in her hands also it is necessary to do everything possible to avoid further degradation of professional, moral and cultural level of youth of 21 eyelids!