Пожалуйста очень срочно надо составить сочинение по английскому на тему "Подростки 21 века"


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Now teenagers like to be in different groups with special  label.For example rockers, they are often have a long hair.They always wear T-shirts with musical  group names on them.They like a music by Blink 182, Metalica and other rock music. But i do not like it , becouse it is really loudly , and some  children for a long time do not wash their head...

New hippies usually have a long hair or dreadlocks and flared jeans.The are always happy and they elieve in God...They like a musical groups The Betles Nirvana and THE SMASHING PUMPKINS..

I do not want to be in the groups, becouse i like different music style,clothes...

Ну вот, что помнл то и написала, подправишь ошибки если что..