помогите ну очень срочно нужно составить тексты с двумя определениями:

1) Ukrainian holidays - украинские праздники

2) favourite games of Ukrainian children - любимые игры украинских детей


Ответы и объяснения


We live in Ukraine. Ukraine - a sovereign state. I want to tell you about the most important Ukrainian holidays that some of them are marked in our time as noted in vosemdesyatye years.

In the life of our country has a date and a memorable event for all citizens of Ukraine. This is a national holiday and the people in this day do not work.

The most important festival in Ukraine - Independence Day is celebrated on August 24. On this day in 1991 was proclaimed the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people began to build a new society. We always celebrate this date.

The most memorable date we celebrate May 9 - Victory Day. On this day we celebrate the anniversary of the victory over fascism in World War II.

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 is similar to Mother's Day in the UK. On this day, you can see the men who buy or bring flowers. Children of mothers give gifts or send postcards when they are away from home. We congratulate our friends mothers sisters and teachers.

May Day - Labor Day around the world.

The recently introduced new national holidays. They have religious origins. It's Christmas and Easter.

Ukraine has also celebrate New Year Christmas and Easter.

Christmas - it is the day when Christ was resurrected. Christmas in Ukraine celebrate on January 7. In Europe and America it is celebrated on December 25. At Christmas, people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Easter - this is the day when Christ was resurrected. On this day, we go to church bake cakes and paint boiled eggs. Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Kids enjoy this holiday because of the traditionally brightly colored eggs and special Easter cakes. Cakes are sold in every bakery, but always delicious home-made cakes.

There is another holiday that is loved by all children and adults. It's the New Year. People decorate Christmas tree with toys and garlands, and believe that in this day miracle to happen. New Year's Eve people go to dance to visit friends or stay at home and watch TV. This is my favorite holiday.