imagine you visited the Moscow Zoo.What did you do and see there? Помогитее пожалуйстаа!:) Заранее огромное спасибо;)


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England is located on the south and east of the island of Great Britain and has the largest territory of all the four countries that constitute the United Kingdom. In England, home to around 80% of the total population of the state, so it is a densely populated edge. 95% of its population lives in cities, suburbs, and for industrial areas can enjoy the picturesque English landscape with magical villages, green pastures and well-groomed slopes.

In general, British Land down from the north-western highlands to the south-east coast. Characteristic features are the Moor, hills, swamps, and heath. Pennines - the highest mountain range in the state - stretched from Scotland to Central England. They are often referred to as "the backbone of England." In the West Pennine Mountains lies Lake District, famous for its mountain waterfalls.