допоможіть срочно..........скласти розповідь про рідкісну тварину на англійській мові......


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Okapi is a rare animal. It lives in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. It looks like a giraffe or a horse.Okapi's legs and neck are very long. The weight is 240-250kg.Okapis are high, about 140-170 cm. The tongue is so long, that okapi washes its eyes with it! Okapis' skin is soft. Their fur is    brown. Their legs are black and white, like zebra's legs are. These animals eat leaves from the trees, grass, fruits and mushrooms. Nowadays the number of okapi is getting smaller and smaller.This is because of destroying the forests where okapis live. Okapis ate wonderful animals. They aren't dangerous. No one wants okapis to disappear. We must protect these animals!