Вставьте модальные глаголы may или can .

1. I ____ finish the work tomorrow if no one bothers me any more. 2. ____ we come and see you next Sunday at three o'clock in the afternoon? 3. What time is it? — It ____ be about six o'clock, but I am not sure. 4. Only a person who knows the language very well ____ answer such a question. 5. ____ I come in? 6. Let me look at your exercises. I ____ be able to help you. 7. I ____ not swim, because until this year the doctor did not allow me to be more than two minutes in the water. But this year he says I ____ stay in for fifteen minutes if I like, so I am going to learn to swim. 8. Libraries are quite free, and any one who likes ____ get books there. 9. I ____ come and see you tomorrow if I have time. 10. Take your raincoat with you: it ____ rain today.


Ответы и объяснения

1. can
2. may
3. may
4. can
5. may
6. can
7. can ; may
8. can
9. can
10. may
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