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14. Задайте вопросы в Present Perfect

Example: You (have) a good journey? — Have you had a good journey?

1.You already (see) the Great American Lakes? 2. You (be) to Broadway? 3. Mike (manage to see) the Statue of Liberty? 3. What new places your brother (show) to you? 4. Ann (visit) the White House? 5. Your father (get) promotion? 6. You (receive) your driving license? 7. Your brother (change) a car? 8, What kind of house you (buy)?


Ответы и объяснения

1.Have you already seen the GAL ? 2. Have you been to Broadway? 3. Has Mike managed to see the St of Liberty? 3.What new places have your brother shown to you? 4. Has Ann visited the WH ?5.Has your father got a promotion? 6.Has you received your driving license? 7. has your brother changed a car?8. what kind of house have you bought