Нужно написать сочинение про моё путешествие в Египет.15-20 простеньких сообщений,типа что там очень тёплое красное море,как круто лететь на самолёте,и т.д.


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Lat summer was realy great as i had a fantstic journey: my family and I have been flown to Egupt by plane. It was my first flight that impressed me so much especially when I looked down from the planes window the view is so picturesque. It's unforgetable filling to fly over the clouds.

We arrived early in the morning so we just put our bags in our rooms and went to the beach where we spent practically all day long. The Red Sea was realy warm and very solt. Even if you want to drawn you couldn't do it as the water will lift your body up.

The Hotel, we staed in, was of an immece size. it also was very bright and beautiful. The hotel was made in such way that at down it was looked like it was burning in brigt flames of the setting sun. It didn't took a long time to get from the hotel to the sea just only 3-5 minutes. We stayed there for 2 weeks and I wish them to be endless. It was my best summer and it  was realy worth it.