Пожалуйста,напишите сочинение о своей комнате на английском.Начинаь типа i have got my room.It is a cosy,late.........There is black teble,chair...Пожалуйста,если можно поскорее,СПАСИБО...^^)))


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My room

I live in a comfortable city flat in a 9-stored block of flats not far from the centre of Tallinn. It is

not a very green place, but still there are many trees around the house and in summer the yard looks very beautiful and cozy.

The house is located comfortably because there a few

supermarkets, pharmacies around.

My flat is on the first floor. Its very comfortable and well-planned. There are three rooms, a

kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony.

The largest room in our flat is the living room and me and my husband room too. My family uses it as a sitting room. On the left there is my bed and desk. The desk has a lot of drawers where I keep my text-books, notes, pens, pencils and other necessary things. On the right there is a sofa and a built-in wardrobe. In the right corner there is a comfortable arm-chair. Beside it stands a lamp with blue shade. I like to turn on the lamp, sit in the arm-chair and read an interesting book.

There is a small glass coffee table on the center of room, a TV set on the wall and a DVD player in it. There is a big thick carpet on the floor.

I like my room very much. We use this room to meet the guests and to celebrate all holidays and important family occasions.