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The Best Grandfather

 My grandfather is good-humoured and warm man. He is always sweet and kind to me..

He is the person who taught me to play piano, to make pancakes and I even learned from

him how to swim. My grandfather is always there for me and gives me the perfect advice

when I need. He is there with me at every event that was important for me, for example he

listens to my every piano concert, although I know that these are always very boring for him. He loves listening to the radio and thoughtfully, to solve the crossword. He was very good at these, because he was incredibly smart.

 When I was little, once he won from the crossword 100 kroons and I remember that he bought me an ice-cream. That day it seemed to me that ice-cream had never been so sweet and delicious. He is the best grandfather that a person could wish. I think that everyone could learn something from that great man.