Напишите по одному вопросу к каждому предложению,начиная их словами ,данными в скобках

He did not want to get up. (Did...)

She dried herself with a towel. (What...with?)

Boris took his place at the dinner table. (Who....)

The teacher gave us Exercise 21. (What exercise...)

They understood the teacher. (Who...)


Ответы и объяснения


1. Did he want to get up?

2. What she dried herself with?

3. Who took the place at the dinner table?

4. What exercise the teacher gave us?

5. Who understood the teacher?


Надеюсь правильно.


Did he want to get up?

What  she do with a towel?

Who take place at the  dinner?

What exersize give a teacher?

Who understand the teacher&