СРОЧНО!!!Пожалуйста,составьте по английскому сочинение вот по этой картинке и ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО изпользуйте в сочинение слова которые изображены вверху над картинкой!!!НУЖНО!!Напишите хотя бы 16 предложений


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In the picture I see island. the weather is hot. The beach is full of people. On the sea shore one boy play with sand. On the see children play with ball. On the distance we can see chain of big mountain. Also we can see a castle. I think a lot of people want to visit it. It,s a good tourist attraction. I hope to visit this beautiful place.

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It is a sunny beach. Some children swim in the sea. But one of this build a castle on the sea shore. Children are happy. The weather is very good. The sun shines brightly. In the picture you can see a mighty river. Before it-a long chain of mountaines. Snow was melting on the mountaines and forms a river. It flowed troght the valley and empties into the sea.

On the sea shore there are many tourists attractiouns. There are castle on the far shore of the sea. Yacht surfs sea. Children play volleyball in the water. You can build sandy castle. Or you can walked on the sea shore.