Помогите пожалуйста написать тему по английскому "Shrove Tuesday"(Масляница) 7 класс, на зачет нужно, буду ее рассказывать. Нужно что б было сказано про традиции разных стран(хватит 1-2 страны) Заранее спасибо!

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In different countries, Shrove Tuesday is celebrated differently. What countries. In every Russian province were the features of the holiday. But the similarities Pancake served horseback riding, sledding, masquerade processions, popular comedy and merrymaking and beloved folk fun - fighting and fisticuffs. The same M.Zabylin gives in his book excerpt from the notes of a foreigner, who visited Russia in the late XVII century: "... When I was a Russian killed this week were no more than a hundred people. Current patriarch has long wanted to destroy the demonic holiday, but did not, however, he has reduced his time in 8 days. Carnival reminds me of the Italian Carnival, which at the same time and in the same way goes ... " The Italians, however, have managed to this day not only to preserve the tradition of carnival, but also learn to derive benefit from the holiday, attracting thousands of tourists during the carnival processions, tournaments, performances.Each European country had its own tradition of celebrating carnival.For example, in Scotland, on Carnival bake "Lenten bread." And, from time immemorial recipe was: hands are put together, they poured the flour, then it shrinks tightly in his hands and plunged into cold water. The resulting pellet is baked right into the ash. Moreover, this action is similar to the ritual, and to take part in it must necessarily all family members.We also know that in a town in England competitions in running women with pancakes. For women with a bell hot pan, in aprons and kerchiefs, should start the race. During the race you need at least three times to throw a pancake in a frying pan. And the first woman to give a damn ringer wins.

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Я очень люблю праздники. Но особенно мне нравятся народные праздники такие как Масленица.
Масленица — это неделя, предшествующая Великому посту и разделяющая в календаре зиму и весну. Этот праздник широко отмечался всеми славянскими народами. 

Основной едой на Масленицу были блины — древний символ солнца, такие же горячие и румяные .В России этот праздник люби празднуют уже многие года . К празднику Масленицы строились огромные катальные горы (в Москве даже под стенами Кремля), и туда выходили с блинами встречать Масленицу, веселиться и кататься, устраивали маскарад.
В Америки масленицу встречают в Вашингтоне  костюмированным представлением на главной площади города.Вот так интересно люди встречают этот великий праздник масленица.


I love the holidays. But I especially like folk festivals such as Carnival.
Shrove Tuesday - is the week preceding Lent and separates the calendar winter and spring. This holiday is widely celebrated by all Slavic nations.

Main meal had pancakes on Shrove Tuesday - the ancient symbol of the sun, such as hot and rosy. Russia this holiday celebrating love for many years. The holiday of Maslenitsa build huge roller coasters (in Moscow even before the walls of the Kremlin), and there came out to celebrate Shrove Tuesday pancakes, have fun and ride, organized a masquerade.
In America, Carnival, meet in Washington costume show in the main square goroda.Vot so interesting people meet this great holiday carnival.