ПОМОГИТЕ !!!!!!!!!!!! СРОЧНО!!!!!!!!!!!! БУДУ ВАМ ОЧЕНЬ БЛАГОДАРНА!!!!!!!!!!

Choose the right answer. 1. I...get up very early day. I live near the school .

a.mustn/t b.don/t have to c. won/t have to

2.My mother is .... school teachher.

a.a b.the c.-(nothing)

3.Look at the man ... is stahding in the corner.

a.who b.which c.where

4.We need ... tomatoes . I/m going to the shop.

a.some b.any c.few

5.He is very popular and has .... friends .

a.many b.much c.a lot of

6.Everybody in our class ...... English .

a.like b.likes c.will likes


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