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She came home, switched on the computer and checked her e-mails.

Simon was playing on the computer while his brother was watchin TV.

My mobile rang (when I was sitting in a meeting.)

While I was sitting in a meeting, (my mobile suddenly rang.)

Colin played football yesterday.

Yesterday at six o'clock, Colin was playing football.

They were playing tennis (at 10.30)

What were they doing at 10.30?

Tom burnt his hand when he was cooking dinner.

I saw Jim in the park. He was sitting on the grass and reading a book.
It was raining when I got up this morning.
While I was working in the garden. I hurt my back.

When Tom arrived, we had dinner.


1) They came to their friends last week.

2)Children were playing football all the morning.

3)I was swimming in the Caspian sea in 4 till 7

4)She wallked with her dog yesterday.

5)We were loking out of the window all evening

6)My cat ate his food 2 hours ago

7)My wife was cooking by 4 hours

8)Amanda was playing th piano in 7 till 9

9) Lola washed he dishes 1 hours ago

10)Last week Misha killed the bird