Помогите составить сочинение про моду

в 1950-х

в 1960-х

в 1970-х

в 1980-х

в 1990-х

в 2000-х

минимум 9 предложений


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Fashion is too diverse and not everyone Slid her some! In 1950 Pants - serious conquest of women. Came into fashion freedom of choice: hair and petticoats The fashion also included ballet flats. In the 1960s, popular knitted headphones homemade. In the 1970s, have become a popular shirts, jackets, skirts, jewelry and a headband In the 1980s, white sneakers, a sweater with a large collar, jackets and lined the shoulders. In the 1990s fashion of hippie style. In the 2000s fashion of rhinestones, diamonds, gold, patent leather In modern times the fashion Slid only rich people!