Нужно перевести вот эти предложения в косвенную речь пожалуйста очень надо.

“Where is the post office?” Simon asked the stranger. “I want you to come to my birthday,” Olga said to me. “I had six lessons today.” Kate said to us. “These roses are beautiful!” she said to her boy friend. “I promise I’ll write to you as soon as I arrive, Mary,” said John. The teacher said, ”The Earth is round.” The teacher said to the children, “You will have a test next week.” “He never buys me flowers,” she said. “I promise I’ll write to you,” Ann said to him. “I’m exhausted,” Dan said. “I’ve written two compositions!” “Bill wants to talk to you,” Gina said to Jane. “He is waiting outside.” “Did you miss the bus?” Liz asked. “You are late!” “Have you got an umbrella?” Mum asked. “It’s raining.” “Are you ready?” Mother said to the children. “It’s time to go!” “What time is it?” Bob asked. “My watch has stopped.” She said; “Tiger is the fastest animal in the world.”


Ответы и объяснения


Simon asked the stranger where the post office was.

Olga said to me that she wanted me to come to her birthday.

Kate said to us that she had had six lessons.

she said to her boyfriend that those roses were beautiful.

John promised Mary that he would write to her as soon as he arrived.

The teacher said that the Earth was round.

The teacher said to the children that they would have a test the following week

She said that he never bought her flowers.

Ann promised that she would write him

Dan said that he was exhausted and added that he had written two compositions

Gina said to Jane that Bill wanted to talk to her and added that he was waiting outside

Liz asked if I had missed the bus and added that I was late.

My mum said that it was raining and asked if I had got an umbrella.

Mother asked the children if they were ready and added that it was time to go.

Bob said that his watch had stopped and asked what time was it.

She said that the tiger was the fastest animal in the world.