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In order to buy the most useful vitamins, which will be right for your body, of course, need a consultation of a specialist. But, in case, if a specialist to go no time, or just don't really want to, you must own the information, what vitamins and microelements for what we need.
Vitamin A, in the first place, is responsible for the visual acuity, and also affects the condition of the skin and hair, nails and teeth. In addition, adequate amounts of this vitamin - your shield against wrinkles and protection of the organism from infections.
The vitamins group b. Essential vitamins for the «right» of the functioning of the nervous system. A lack of vitamin B1 - depression and irritability. Vitamin B2 - about his lack in the body may signal the cracks in the corners of his mouth and dandruff. If our body loses vitamin B6, it is fraught with rapid fatigue, insomnia, headaches. Absent-mindedness and inattention, plus appetite - all this lack of vitamin B12.