Составьте небольшой рассказ о вреде и пользе мобильного телефона.


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а у тебя есть мобильный телефон?

конечно, ведь телефон это средство связи, с помощью него мы можем общаться,но.... есть и плохие черты мобильного

какие, ведь ты же сам сказал что это средство для общения?

да верно, но телефон излучает электромагнитные волны которые влияют на здоровье человека...........

да точно, ты прав.Ещё я знаю что когда гром и молния по мобильнику разговаривать нельзя

да ты прав теперь ты знаешь чем вреден телнфон!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Still literally a few years ago the cell phone was very fashionable, but the extremely unusual occurrence. Today everyone has it practically, especially at inhabitants of the large cities. The wide choice of new tariff plans provokes people to speak by phone in increasing frequency. But is it safe? And that after all this such mobile phone: advantage or harm? About it speech also will go below.
The mobile phone can bring both benefit and harm

Day by day the dose of the electromagnetic radiation received by the person in days, grows. As soon as mobile phones appeared, appeared also disputes: whether their frequent use is harmful to our health or not. Opinions in this respect a little. Representatives of the cellular companies go on about advantage or at least safety of the mobile. They assure that the mobile phone can't bring any harm. Supporters of similar opinion refer to that wasn't carried out any serious researches in this respect. But they are mistaken.

Researches about influence of electromagnetic fields on a live organism are conducted some decades during which the advantage or harm of radiation is investigated. The World Health Organization founded even the special program B "An electromagnetic field and health человекаВ" to which around the world the close attention today is paid.

What suffers from radiation?

It was proved that the systems of the person most sensitive to radiation: immune, endocrine, nervous and sexual, and all organism suffers from the radiation of the cell phone in general. And the harmful effect has property to collect over time therefore pathology of the central nervous system, a brain tumor, a blood cancer (leukosis), hormonal violations develops. Electromagnetic fields especially can be dangerous to children, pregnant women (impact on an embryo), people with hormonal violations, with cardiovascular diseases, allergic persons and people, whose immunity is weakened.

Long ago influence of the cellular person on a brain is proved.