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There (be) many cases in which animals (take in) cubs that (not belong) to them, or even their species, like this adorable little pig. But I (never see) a monkey taking so well to a couple of tiger cubs before.

After Hurricane Hannah (ravage) the state of South Carolina, the tigers of one of the zoos (start) acting very aggressive and were considered a danger to their young. So these two white tiger cubs were separated from their mother and (adopt) by a 2-year-old chimpanzee. As you (can) see from the photo he really (take) parenting seriously. I wonder how their relationship (develop)...


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There were many..., were taking cubs that didn't belong to them,...But I have never seen a monkey.... Ravaged the state ...started acting...adopted by...as you can  see from...he really took parenting ...relationship will develop.