история на тему a disastrous holiday (120-180 слов),содержащая описание погоды,места, главных героев, что случилось, что герой\и чувствовали в конце


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Some people think that there is no miracles and mysteries in their everyday life. I was thinking the same way too, until something special has happened to me.

Last summer I went to the village where my grandparents live. In the beginning of my holidays nothing strange happened. I made a lot of new friends there with whom I spent much time going to the picnics and playing football. But one day my friends and I went to the forest to pick some berries and mushrooms. We were happy to walk and talk together. We also had an excelent  idea to make a fire and to have a meal. Everything was ready very quickly - we made a campfire and fried the potatoes and other vegetables.It was very funny, we laughed very loud and cried.  I don't know how much time we spent there until we paid attention to the sudden silence of the nature. All at once it became dark like at the deep night (we knew it was early evening) and we couldn't hear any sounds of birds and animals. We were frightened to move or to speak. The campfire was shining brightly in the darkness and there were a lot of shadows around us. Maybe I felt something inside me but I  made an excuse to the forest and started to  slow the fire down. My friends helped me. After some time the sunlight lightened the forest and we hurried up to come back home.

It was really scary to even talk about it, but my friends and I decided not go to the forest any more alone and make a noise there. because we should respect the nature and take care about it.