Dear Helen, Thank you very much for you letter. It was great to hear from you. You asked me about the books teenagers read in Russia. Well,... Write soon and tell me about the books and magazines you like to read. Best wishes, В этом упражнение, ученику требуется написать другу из Австралии письмо, о прочитанной книге


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dear penfriend! I am glad to receive your letter. i like to read the historical books. today i"ve read an interesting book. it is about Ancient Egypt. the Egyptians lived near the river Nile. they used mud from the river for their houses. people painted on the walls of their houses. also it was interesting to know that they used feathers for fans. the Egyptians had gardens. ancient people played games and children played with toys and balls. men and women painted their eyes black or green. women had jewels and they had beads in their long hair. ancient Egypt was interesting. i want to learn more about it. I would like to read about other ancient cities. this is very interesting. Teens love to read all kinds of books, some read about famous people, others like to read fiction. 

best wishes from......