какие вопросы нужно задать,чтобы получить эти ответы. 1. This monument was put up three hundred years ago. 2. Only one of his books has been translated into Russian. 3. The meeting was put off, because the day wasn't convenient for most of the people. 4. Some pop singers were being interviewed when I switched on the telly. 5. These contests are held every four years. 6. Your order will be fulfilled in five days' time.


Ответы и объяснения


1. When this monument was put up?
2. Are all of his books have been translated into Russian?
 3. Why thу meeting was put off?
4.  Who were being interviewed when you switched on the telly? (не уверена, что именно должно спрашиваться)
5.  When these contests are held?

6. When my order will be fulfilled?