Помогите составить сочинение на тему "OUR SCHOOL" т.е. НАША ШКОЛА. Вот немного о школе моя школа находиться в Павлодаре.Это 29 школа.Директор Ибрагимов Ф.И он добрый и ученикам он как друг, товарищ. Мой классный руководитель Иванова Н.М. учитель со стажем. Ну вообщем составьте, и напишите про столовую про интересные уроки и т.д.


Ответы и объяснения


пишу в общем подставишь сама некоторые даные.

i study at school number 29. it is very large/ small. there are ....flooors in my shool. there are a lot of classrooms in it. the Director"s name is F. I. Ibragimov, he is sympathetic and kind person,  he  loves  children very much. my school is located in Pavlodar. my class leader, Ivanova N. М, a teacher with a capital letter, a teacher who has a great pedagogical experience. the lessons are very interesting, she is able to combine games and stories,she  is able to discipline the class and at the same timeof a lot of fun on the lessons

our classroom is large. there are three windows. the windos, the door and the celling are white. the floor is brown. our classroom is decorated with flowera and pictures. there are flowers on the windows-sills and pictures are on the walls. my school is beautiful, there are lots of children in it. in the school there are lots of concerts and competitions.


 life in school is intresting. in the morning we go to school, and after school don't want to return home. I would also like to mention the dining room. at the changes in the school is such a smell that we barely wait for the big break to buy something.my school is the best