напишите рассказ на тему " Почему люди занимаются спортом". Используйте следующие выражения:( см. во вложении)


Ответы и объяснения


Yes-it's very fashionable today.There a great way to exercise. It takes a chance to feel yorself better, lose your weight,keep fit, when you're exercising regularly. You get to meet great like-minded people. In team games there is the social interaction while playing and afterwards if you go for a drink. Having a sport in your life helps you relax and get rid of any stress that has built up over the day. Your family can come and watch or participate. It gets you thinking more positively about life and keeps fit and healthy doing something you enjoy.

An also it can help yoy to have a good time or earn some money,maybe eve to become famous!

It's a great deal!